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They say it's a small world, but it's only as small as you make it. Gradus Multilingual Services, Inc. has been helping to shrink the globe and expand opportunities for companies that rely on translation, interpretation and other language services to promote themselves and communicate with their clients worldwide.

Gradus brings more than two decades of experience to the translation of brochures, Web sites and technical papers. We're active in Web site design, helping companies make the most of their window on cyberspace. We provide simultaneous interpretation equipment and interpreters for conferences, and audiovisual equipment and crews to foreign media organizations covering news and world-class sporting events in Japan. Gradus also copy-edits materials in various languages and prepares manuscripts for publication. As a tribute to our experience, we were chosen as the official translation/interpretation firm for the XIth PIARC International Winter Road Congress, in Sapporo Japan. Gradus also provided services for the Group of Eight Summit at Lake Toya in 2008.

Let us make the world smaller for you, too.


Company name: Gradus Multilingual Services, Inc.

Founded: February 1, 1988

Incorporated: January 11, 1990

Address: Head office: 37 Sankyo Bldg., North 7 West 2, Kita-ku, @@@@@@@@@Sapporo, JAPAN 060-0051
@@@@@@@phone: +81-11-213-0671, fax: +81-11-233-0090

  • Translation and production of publications in various languages
  • Interpretation
  • Publishing rights agency for Japanese authors
  • Support for events, lectures, conferences and conventions
  • Training of interpreters and educating of translators
  • English-language instruction, and lessons in other languages
  • Narration in various languages, video script translation and narration
  • Manuscript preparation, copy editing, typing and cassette/videotape transcription in various languages.
  • Marketing research in various languages

Gradus Multilingual Services, Inc.
37 Sankyo Bldg., North 7 West 2, Kita-ku, Sapporo, JAPAN 060-0051
@@@@@@@@phone: +81-11-213-0671, fax: +81-11-233-0090